The Academic Café is a state of the art, collaborative learning environment where students in 1st – 12th grade can participate in educational programs that positively support academic success. The Café provides interaction-learning zones that encompass both collaborative group and independent work areas offered in person and virtual learning environment. The Café is offered in a comfortable and quiet learning setting.

In addition, the Café empowers parents with workshops and resources that support their child(ren) journey through primary and secondary school.

Academic Café

Tutor & Homework

For 1st – 12th graders in need of tutoring or homework assistance. Students can schedule assistance in person or virtually.
Academic Café

Self-directed Learning

For 6th – 12th graders who are self motivated, have good study habits, self discipline, and good grades. Students have access to resources that support academic success like computers, internet, and instructor if needed.

Academic Café

Parent Workshops

Monthly parent workshops that promote and provide information on how to advocate and support their child’s education.

Academic Café

ACT Intense Reading Prep

For 11th and 12th graders struggling to pass the Florida State Assessment- helping students attain a high school diploma instead of a Certificate of Completion.
Academic Café


For 10th, 11th and 12th graders preparing for college - these college placement test prep classes are offered in online and onsite formats.
Academic Café

FSA Prep

For 2nd - 10th grade students preparing for the Florida State Assessment offered in small group setting.




Intentionally supporting students’ academic success for on-time promotion and high school graduation. 


Intentionally supporting students’ academic success for on-time promotion and high school graduation.